For Financial Professionals

Local. Personal. Advisor-friendly.

As a financial advisor, planner or accountant, you build a personal relationship with your clients based on trust and expert advice — just as we do. And you shouldn’t have to give up those relationships when your clients need fiduciary services such as trust or estate administration.

Yet that frequently happens with larger firms, many of which will insist on managing a client’s entire portfolio when named as trustee. Bigger isn’t always better for your clients, who might not want some faraway corporation acting as their trustee, let alone managing their assets and providing advice. In fact, they likely chose to work with you because they wanted a local, personal connection.

Fred Schoen Fiduciary Services is an advisor-friendly company dedicated to fostering those local and personal connections, not disrupting them.

We won’t ever attempt to take over your book of business or come between you and your clients. Our team believes you should be involved in the planning and decision-making process for your clients, even as we assist in areas beyond financial planning. And we’ll make sure you are, because we have a shared duty to protect the interests of those we serve.