For Families

Why Use a Fiduciary?

Many people believe they need to be wealthy to benefit from trusts, estate plans and other financial tools. But our clients come from all walks of life — and they often need assistance navigating complex and unfamiliar situations.

For example, they may want to ensure their spouse is cared for as a widow or widower, or they might decide to put conditions in place for family members or other heirs who will receive an inheritance. In all cases, we advise them with understanding and empathy.

Our services include:

  • Assisting with the administration and management of trusts, estate management and settlement, the distribution of philanthropic gifts and more
  • Serving as a neutral party to avoid conflict among family and friends
  • Managing various types of assets
  • Ensuring that accounting and tax responsibilities are handled appropriately
  • Handling details — such as healthcare planning and bill payment — when an individual is no longer able

Our experts can help you determine your needs and goals, and then work with your advisors to ensure your wishes are followed both today and in the future.