For Attorneys

Experienced. Ethical. Insightful.

A team approach often is required in order to create and execute effective plans for preserving wealth and protecting people. Attorneys across the Puget Sound region have selected Fred Schoen Fiduciary Services as a partner in such instances for nearly 40 years, because we provide their clients with ethical, professional and expert support. In even the most delicate or complex situations, we can help reduce ambiguity and increase clarity for all parties.

In addition, our team’s vast combined experience — more than 100 years in both financial and fiduciary services — allows us to frequently identify potential issues that might otherwise go unseen, as well as needs that might otherwise go unmet.

We regularly provide attorneys and their clients with fiduciary and paralegal services during the creation of trusts and estate plans. While we do not provide legal advice, we offer assistance and expertise in the following areas:

Estate Planning

  • Evaluation of medical directives, trust structure and assets, life insurance considerations and gifts to charity or others
  • Coordination of documents
  • Review of documents to identify administrative issues

Estate Settlement

  • Court appearances (non-contested) as directed by the attorney
  • Asset investigation and inventory
  • Asset accountability
  • Distribution schedules
  • Prepare accountings
  • Review tax documents
  • Litigation assistance



  • Trust administration
  • Custody services
  • Trust accounting
  • Tax review and reporting
  • Record-keeping services


Our team also is exceptionally qualified to handle the guardianship process, which often is complicated and difficult for those affected.

  • Pleading preparation
  • Court appearances (non-contested) as directed by the attorney
  • Asset investigation
  • Asset accountability
  • Periodic accounting
  • Review tax documents
  • Implement court-authorized estate planning
  • Prepare accountings